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This project has been slow moving for us but we  are making some progress and expect to have some availability in 2021.  Stay tuned for updates.

Lilly White

We were one of the first to import Lilly Whites to Canada back in the Spring of 2017.  We continue to keep a small breeding group going.  It is almost as interesting to see what the hatchlings that don't carry the lilly white trait as the ones that do.

White Spot Red

This started with some unique hatchlings from a certain red harley pair.  Even though the parents did not have any white markings these babies would have small white pinholes which started to grow and spread like crazy.  We have a small breeding group of our White Spot Reds and are excited to see what is produced.

Extreme Harley - Pair 1

Extreme harley pair 1 for 2021 season.  Further info pending.

Extreme Harley - Pair 2

Extreme harley pair 2 for 2021 season.  Further info pending.

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