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Terms and Conditions - Gecko Purchases

Payment Method - The preferred method of payment is via EMT to  Please contact us to discuss alternate methods of payment.

Payment Plans - payment plans are possible and can be arranged separately.  Please contact us to arrange.  Payment plans are possible only via EMT transfer and require a non-refundable deposit followed by the remainder of payment over a 30-day period unless otherwise agreed to.  Geckos will be shipped after payment is completed.  If payment is not completed, the deposit will be held by us and can be used as store credit for a period of 6 months after the initial purchase date.  The gecko will no longer be held and the credit will no longer be valid after the 6 months.


US & International Shipping - Please inquire regarding shipping to US and international.

Canada Shipping - Shipping is overnight via Reptiles Express unless otherwise agreed.


Shipping Timing / Weather - Geckos will be shipped during optimal weather where temperatures are between 2c and 28c degrees (celsius) (lows and highs to be within this range).   Shipment timing will be dependent on: weather as stated above, on our availability, and on your availability.   We will try to ship as early as possible within these constraints but make no guarantees on timing in advance or at time a purchase or hold is made.  We will coordinate a mutually agreeable time:  1) a tentative time will be schedule with you approx. 1 week in advance based on the current weather outlook, 2) the date will be locked in within 24-48 hours of the tentative shipping date and is subject to change if the weather outlook has changed, 3) when the gecko is shipped you will be kept apprised via e-mail updates.  Both parties reserve the right to change ship times at any time due to personal emergencies.  Fees may apply to the party who delays the shipment (ie. if less than 24 hours notice).

***shipping weather exceptions***It is our understanding that many breeders offer shipping outside of the weather conditions window we have stated above, and that this is offered by Reptiles Express as well.  The success rate is *very* high however there is a small added risk for issues occurring during shipping.  The buyer and seller may agree to this in advance of a deposit or purchase being made, and the following rules apply:  1) Reptiles Express must be used with a Reptiles Express shipping kit.  2)  Reptiles Express’ guidance is followed including postponing shipments due to extreme temperatures 3) The buyer waives their right to any guarantees of live arrival or otherwise.  

Alive Arrival Guarantee - We will guarantee live arrival of the geckos under the following conditions:  1. The gecko(s) is/are shipped during optimal weather as listed above.  2.  The receiver is available for the delivery of the gecko(s) and the gecko(s) is/are successfully delivered on the first attempt.  3.  Any DOA is sent with photo proof to our e-mail address within 1 (one) hour of delivery (this includes if a shipment is held at a depot).  This does not apply to geckos that are picked up.  No guarantees for shipments outside of Canada.

Refunds - Once payment has been made and a gecko has been put on hold, there are no refunds, with the following exceptions:  1) we are unable to ship/deliver a gecko due to an issue on our end, 2)  The gecko is DOA (see above), 3) in the event we have to cancel an order (we reserve the right to do so).  We are unable to make any guarantees on tails, temperament or disposition, breedability etc..  Pictures are taken in a best effort to match the visual likeness of the geckos but we cannot provide any guarantees on colour, shape, etc..

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