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Keeping Lygodactylus Williamsi Hatchlings Alive (Electric Blue Day Gecko) - Quick Reference

Those who have hatched out Lygodactylus Williamsi know that they can be challenging to keep healthy--to the frustration of many hobbyists. But through my own trial and error and supported by different experts I was able to put together a winning formula.

Do's (recommendations / opinions):

  1. You must feed fruit flies or pinhead crickets to them along with an MRP diet. I prefer fruit flies as they are more economical and easier to find, which should be dusted in calcium without D3. Both melognoster and hydei fruit fly fruit flies worked for me.

  2. It is much easier to keep them healthy in a larger enclosure (versus a deli cup). I used 12x12 Exoterras and sealed off the gaps and holes with tape. You have to be diligent and doing this and take care not to leave the sticky part where they can get stuck.

  3. Temperature: gradient with up to 90f is important to keep them active and hunting.

  4. Humidity: Enclosure should not be constantly wet. It should dry out in between. I prefer a live plant (a single sansevieria was perfect) for climbing.

  5. UV lighting is essential.

  6. They can be cohabited as youngsters up to about a month apart in age. Otherwise the size difference can be too much.

  7. Join the Lygodactylus williamsi USA facebook group. It is run by Frank Payne who I would consider an expert and is very helpful. Frank also posted an excellent and more detailed care guide on this gecko which I consider to be the best guide I have seen.


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