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Value of Clark's Gecko Diet

After manufacturing Clark's Complete Gecko Diet for 6 months now, we have started to appreciate this diet more than ever before. The reality is this diet is made of high quality ingredients but doesn't have the same excitement around it as the other diets. It forms the staple food for our gecko collection and many others over the years,

Things this diet does very well:

  1. The ingredients are high quality, including human food grade egg protein, fig, apricot, bee pollen, banana, and honey. The info is on the label itself.

  2. It is a long standing diet, used by customers for upwards of more than 10 years with a good reputation.

  3. It is a great value. The cost to produce is not low although some people tend to think of it as a "cheap diet". We are able to keep the pricing lower (up to half the price of the competition) because we manufacture it ourselves in a small facility in Canada.

Things this diet struggles with:

  1. "Old news". Has tired look and feel, diet has not changed over the past 5+ years.

  2. Does not have that same smell and palatability as some of the other diets out there. Note that this is a complete diet and has added to it more egg protein which has masked the smell from the original formula. However, this does not mean the geckos can't taste the primary fruit ingredients.

  3. Only has one flavour, and yes there is a flavour (although the label doesn't indicate that today), and that is Fig and Apricot.

Our recommendation:

  1. Try Clark's if you haven't before and give the geckos a chance to develop a taste for it.

  2. Use Clark's as a base and mix in another diet to add a flavour. Mixing and rotating diets is something we recommend in any case and do ourselves. It gives the geckos variety and I find geckos can become bored of the same taste over a long period of time.

If you have any questions please contact us. Clark's can be purchased directly from this site in Canada--we included shipping in the price of Clark's to simplify the transaction.

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